Frequently Asked Questions

How do the controls work?

There are 2 options for controlling your character:

  • Tap anywhere on the screen to swap directions
  • Swipe left or right to choose a direction

Both methods have the same effect on the character and it's a matter of preference. Tapping is an easier gesture to perform than swiping, especially at a fast rate, but might be confusing at first and require some getting used to.

How does the scoring work?

You get 1 point for each fruit you collect. If you collect 3x or more of the same fruit in a row, the value is multiplied:

  • 3x gives 3x3=9 points instead of 3
  • 4x gives 4x4=16 points instead of 4
  • 5x gives 5x5=25 points instead of 5
  • Etc..

The value is accumulated, so when you get the 4th fruit of a 4x, you will get +7 points, since you already got 9 points for the 3x giving you a total of 9+7=16 for the 4x.

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